The owner of Broadwing Productions has retired due to health issues.

Broadwing Productions approaches each communications contract with  innovative thinking, detail-oriented project management, disciplined execution and a healthy dose of dark chocolate to support good humor throughout.

Caro Thompson is the sole proprietor and brings a host of skills to the table.

  • Managing media relations and community outreach.
  • Creating ad placement and social media strategies.
  • Copywriting for websites, magazines and newsletters.
  • Researching technical, cultural, and historical topics and crafting easy-to-understand messaging for your target audience.
  • Analyzing internal and external communication systems to enhance efficiency.

Check out her achievements over the past decade and a half on the Accomplishments page. Then spend some time getting to know her work as you stroll through the rest of the site. An email to caro@broadwingproductions.com will begin a conversation sure to benefit your project or organization.