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Walden filmmaker Caro Thompson brings overlooked history to light with her camera, specializing in giving voices to the forgotten.  NorthstarJan2011




“A Fresh Look at Lake Champlain” in the University of Rochester quarterly magazine November, 2010, profiles alumna Caro Thompson.   Alumni Gazette 






In 2009, Vermont commemorated the 400thanniversary of Samuel de Champlain’s only voyage to the lake that he put his own name to on maps.

The Abenaki people who lived around the lake called it “the Lake Between.” And it’s the history of those people, the European explorers, and their first 150 years together that filmmaker Caro Thompson explores in a new documentary.

(Thompson) “As day softens into evening in the land known as Ndakina, in a time long, long ago, a woman prepares supper for her family. All is well for now. But they are living at the edge of a historic time, their world they and their ancestors have know for thousands of years will soon shift around them. New people will come. Some to quietly live on and share the land, others to trade and do business. Many to conquer and colonize.”

The film “Champlain: The Lake Between” premiered on Vermont PBS. Thompson says the Abenaki word for the lake provided the perfect title of her film.

(Interview no longer available online.)

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